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Monthly Archives: September 2015

    20 cold, hard real estate facts about selling

    By Natasha | September 29, 2015

    Know your local Real Estate Market –  What’s moving the market? If you don’t know, make sure your Realtor knows. If your Realtor doesn’t know, find another Realtor who does know. Real Estate will always be local and to be able to sell your home, it’s critical to know what the local trends are for... Read More

    The benefits of owning a second home

    By Natasha | September 3, 2015

    Even if you love your home and have not thought about buying a second home, you may reconsider after learning about the tax breaks available to those who own a second home. Many politicians and celebrities use their ownership of several homes to ease their tax burden and so can you! Buying real estate is... Read More

    Home on the market? Here are some tips on evaluating your showing activity.

    By Natasha | September 1, 2015

    So you’re on the market. You sweated the details and determined a listing price. You freed your home of clutter, painted, made some repairs and make the beds every morning, yet no one is coming to look. This is a sign of rejection by the marketplace. There could be condition or location issues that are... Read More