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Monthly Archives: July 2017

    Pesky, and potentially costly home maintenance to prepare for

    By Natasha | July 28, 2017

    If you’re new to home ownership, you may not be familiar with all of the responsibilities that are now yours. All of those things you used to call the super or management office for now fall in your lap. Here are some items to keep in mind, especially if you got a “great deal” on... Read More

    Getting the Best Appraisal For Your Home For Sale

    By Natasha | July 26, 2017

    A key aspect of the home buying and selling process is obtaining a home appraisal.  A home appraisal is secured to estimate market value and can be quite complex. Recently there has been a change in the home appraisal process, resulting in more regulation, so work with your lender to confirm you have an experienced and... Read More

    Advice to sell your home quickly

    By Natasha | July 24, 2017

    If you are considering listing your home for sale, recent market studies have indicated that we are entering a seller’s market, so your timing could be perfect! A decrease in inventory in the housing market is good news if you need or want to sell your home quickly. As a home seller, there are three... Read More

    Keeping the old house when buying the new

    By Natasha | July 20, 2017

    The current housing market, while picking up in most areas, has one basic problem: low supply. With many buyers choosing to keep their old home when they purchase a new home, fewer homes are on the market, driving up demand. Becoming a landlord Buyers that do not need the equity in their current property in... Read More

    Garden club to host ‘Made in Michigan’ flower show

    By Natasha | July 13, 2017

    SHELBY TOWNSHIP — If you’re into themed works of nature, it’s time to get excited about the event that rolls around only once every other year: the Shelby Garden Club’s flower show. This year, the show will take place Thursday, July 13, through Saturday, July 15, at the Shelby Township Library — the usual staging... Read More

    Octagon House on Van Dyke is a place of community and history

    By Natasha | July 12, 2017

    The Loren Andrus Octagon House hides in plain sight on Van Dyke Avenue, north of 26 Mile Road in Washington, Mich. The Italianate-style house was built in 1860 as part of a contest to create the most interesting home in the area. Four landowners competed, and the Andrus house won. Originally on 365 acres, the... Read More

    Wanting to Sell Your Home but Not Quite Ready to Start Moving?

    By Natasha | July 7, 2017

    Time To Get Moving You know that you need to be moving to another home, and the market is right to sell, but you’re not quite ready to pack up everything. After all, you still have to live in your home until it sells. So how do you get ready to sell without entirely disrupting... Read More