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Monthly Archives: August 2017

    Preparing Your Home For Fall

    By Natasha | August 31, 2017

    With summer a fading memory, now’s the time to ready your home for fall and winter’s cooler temps and unpredictable weather conditions. Here’s a Fall preparation list to get you started. 1. Clear out the gutters.  Remove leaves and other debris from your drainpipe and gutters to prevent clogging. In areas with cold winters, outdoor... Read More

    Cheaper to Buy than Rent on the Eastside

    By Natasha | August 28, 2017

    The economy is getting stronger and the US labor force is at what many consider full employment. Millennials who have put off home buying are jumping into the housing market, now making up 68 percent of first-time homebuyers. For those who think that the best time to buy has past them by, think again. According... Read More

    Painting your home this year? Here are some great tips.

    By Natasha | August 17, 2017

    Painting White Walls You are getting ready to paint a home you know you will sell within a couple of years. Chances are, a helpful family member or friend reminds you that to sell, everything should be painted white. After all, a buyer needs a neutral “clean slate” to look at. Just the thought of... Read More

    Buying a home in need of renovations?

    By Natasha | August 9, 2017

    You walk into a home that potentially has the perfect layout, although the kitchen is dated, the floors need upgrading, the bathrooms are awkward … but the price is right and you’ve always wanted to customize a home … so you buy it with renovation in mind. How hard could it be? After all, those... Read More

    Grey is still the preferred neutral in home decor

    By Natasha | August 8, 2017

    You might ask, isn’t gray just black and white mixed? Well, yes and no. Know Your Undertones Paint makers offer more than 50 different shades of gray, so before choosing a new color-scheme for your home, you need to know how grays work with other colors. Have you every put a gray top with gray... Read More

    Thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets? Read this!

    By Natasha | August 3, 2017

    Gone are the days of the sticky painted kitchen cabinet that peels, chips and generally looks cheap. Modern paint finishes means you can rejuvenate or renovate your dated kitchen or bath cabinets with just some elbow grease and your own creativity. Know your product Like any paint job, painting cabinets is not hard, but it... Read More