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Advantages of Buying in Winter Months

www.usnews.comSummer and Spring months may be the high season for home sales, but winter can be a buyer’s market. This can hold true if you don’t mind moving around the holidays and don’t mind a smaller selection of homes to search through.

What Does Less Competition Mean for You?
Since spring and summer are the most active real estate seasons, many home sellers wait until then to list their homes. That means there are fewer homes for sale in the winter, but the sellers often have strong reasons to sell their homes soon, such as job relocation. These motivated sellers can be a boon to the home buyer.

Fewer homes to chose among can actually save you a lot of time. With less homes on the market, you could potentially find your dream home much sooner than if you were viewing 50+ houses before deciding on the one that suits you and your family best.

Just as there are fewer homes for sale during the winter, there are fewer buyers, too. That means less competition and sellers who are more willing to accommodate potential buyers. This could mean offering lower than you would in a higher competition season. The low number of potential buyers also means you have more time to make your decision. In the spring, you often need to choose a home and act quickly, but in winter you have the potential to take more time.

How does the Home Stands Up to Cold Weather?winter home
Looking at homes in the winter gives the buyer an opportunity to determine how the home stands up in cold weather.  Did you feel cold breezes while looking through the house? Is there a functioning heating system and hot water? Are the windows letting in drafts?

Agent Availability
Another advantage of buying a home in the off-season is the greater availability of industry professionals. Real estate agents will have fewer clients and more time to focus on your home search. Lenders will be more accessible for questions and assistance. Some lenders even waive fees during the off-season to encourage borrowers to use their services. Likewise, movers tend to lower their costs during the winter months.

We Can Help You!

If you are considering buying or selling your home this winter, please give us a call. Our experts have the very best knowledge and skills to help you through each step of the process. There is never obligation!


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