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DIY Options for an Inspired Home

DIY for an inspired homeAh, design inspiration. It can arise from an old building’s clean and intentional architectural lines. It can come from an awe-inspiring sunset that influences a new, bold color palette for your home. You might even find inspiration at the least likely of times – realizing you actually enjoy the way the smooth rocks your children hand-picked from the ocean look on your bathroom floor as you clean up after the beach. It’s important to be in tune with yourself and what types of cloths, finishes, imagery, lines, tones, hues, etc. inspire you and your environment so you can be both lively and comfortable in your own space.

Websites like, Apartment Therapy, and Better Homes and Gardens are great for design inspiration, but they can also can leave you feeling discouraged. Maybe you don’t have the high cathedral ceilings you keep seeing on Pinterest in your own apartment, or maybe the kitchen that inspires you most dons granite counter tops you could never afford. All hope is not lost. Say it with me .. All hope is not lost. Moving on!

There are some great cheap DIY alternatives to many of the big design trends we are seeing. Cheap. Alternatives. DIY. All words we love, right!?

1. How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Countertops

before after








2. Paint Faux Windows on Your Garage









3. Fantastic DIY Stone Mat

Before After







Whatever you decide to do, it’s crucial for a happy home to ensure you are filling it with pieces that make you feel inspired and uplifted.

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