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Five Minutes a Day to a Cleaner Home

Thanks to the chaos of everyday life, keeping your home as clean and organized as you want it is a never-ending battle. The second it’s straightened, your kids, pets, and let’s face it, your spouse, come traipsing through, living a trail of destruction in their path. As the holidays approach and the school year is in full swing, finding time to maintain your house is downright impossible.

Instead of drowning in chores in the evenings or on weekends, taking just five minutes out of your day to tackle some of your biggest housekeeping headaches can offer a little relief. Best of all, these tips are so easy, any family member can find time to do them!

  1. Create a designated spot for school stuff. It’s easy for kids to toss their jackets, book bags and shoes on the floor when they get home. Instead, create a spot where items can be dropped off. Put a coat hook and cabinet in your mudroom. Set a storage crate next to your front door for shoes. Place a basket on your steps to collect items that need to be taken upstairs.
  2. Quick clean furniture spots. If your couch is on the losing end of spills and dirt, keep a stash of baby wipes in your side table. When you eye a spot, do a quick clean instead of digging out the cleaning solution and towels. Baby wipes are effective on many stains and dry quickly. (Test this trick in an inconspicuous spot before putting it to work).
  3. Use your socks and Swiffer. Rather than forking over money for dry Swiffer pads, use an old sock as a replacement. A quick spin around the kitchen and you can grab dust and dirt. Even better, the socks can be washed over and over again instead of being thrown away.
  4. Make your bed. Something so simple can set the course of your day. Researchers have found making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment from the start. It also makes your room look tidier, even if the floor is littered with clothes and shoes.
  5. Do a load of laundry. The average American parent of two spends two hours a week on laundry. Instead of wasting your Saturday afternoon, try to do a load every day or two. Pop a load in the washer after your shower, throw it in the dryer before work, and fold for five minutes in the evening.

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