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    HVAC Troubleshooting for Homeowners

    By Alyssa Harrison | October 12, 2022

    Climate control is one of the greatest inventions of humankind since leavened bread, but when it’s suddenly not working properly, or it stops working all together, your HVAC system can become a massive source of stress and worry. Before you decide to panic, though, consider doing a little troubleshooting of your system. There are several... Read More

    Radiant Barriers Help Insulation Do More

    By Charlie Care | October 6, 2022

    We all know the old song and dance: insulate and weatherproof your home to maximize your utility dollars. Filling all the gaps and keeping all the climate-controlled air where it should be is a huge part of creating a home that’s not only comfortable, but efficient. Or so we’ve been told. The truth is that... Read More

    Buying a Home With a Rental Unit

    By Alyssa Harrison | October 4, 2022

    Buying a home can be full of difficult decisions, and as housing prices climb, maybe even more difficult financial planning. For people looking for a different way to help pay for their mortgage every month, choosing a home with an attached rental unit might just provide the monthly bump that makes that payment a little... Read More

    How to Hire an Interior Designer

    By Alyssa Harrison | August 29, 2022

    When you think about the pros that are needed in and around your home, you likely think of contractors, roofers, plumbers, electricians, and a few other professionals. One option that might not cross your mind is an interior designer. This is a shame, really, because a good interior designer can take the look of your... Read More

    Tips for Your Basement Remodel

    By Charlie Care | August 19, 2022

    Having a finished basement is a great addition for just about any house. It can give you a place to relax, a play area for your children, or even additional bedroom space if you need it. Some people even use basement areas to create fully furnished workshops, craft rooms, and other furnished DIY areas so... Read More

    Help Buyers Feel at Home (In Your Home)

    By Charlie Care | July 21, 2022

    Of course your house is awesome – it’s your house! But the things that you really love about your home’s decor can sometimes slow down progress when you’re trying to sell your place. Just because you’re all in on the “Halloween all year long” aesthetic doesn’t mean that potential buyers will be able to see... Read More

    Considering Building a Wine Cellar?

    By Charlie Care | July 15, 2022

    Whether you enjoy an occasional glass of wine or consider yourself a connoisseur, you know the importance of storing your wine properly. Wine is perishable after all, so unless you buy wine only when you plan on drinking it, you need a good place to keep your bottles until you’re ready for them. Some people... Read More

    Let Your Lawn Grow!

    By Charlie Care | July 7, 2022

    Keeping a well-manicured lawn is a goal for many homeowners. That nice crisp look of freshly trimmed grass can really improve the appearance of your home and surrounding property, and there’s just something to be said for the lush green color of a healthy lawn. But what if your lawn isn’t quite as healthy as... Read More

    What Can You Do With Your Home’s Equity?

    By Alyssa Harrison | June 24, 2022

    If you’re like a lot of long-time homeowners, you’ve probably got a great deal of home equity on your hands right now. If you’ve been considering putting it to work, it’s still a decent time to take out a second mortgage or a HELOC, even as rates are starting to rise. Having so much home... Read More

    Installing a Pool? Tell Your Insurance!

    By Alyssa Harrison | June 20, 2022

    Installing a Pool? Tell Your Insurance! Swimming pools can be a lot of fun. They give you a way to cool off during the summer, have fun with friends and family, and even get some low-impact exercise that feels more like play than work. Unfortunately, they can also be a hazard if you aren’t careful... Read More